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  • Località Torricelli, Casal Velino (SA)


Cilento experience

Traveling also means immersing oneself in the uses and traditions of the place, feeling and understanding its flavors and many facets. Precisely for this reason we thought of our breakfast as a tour in the Cilento flavors, with foods ranging from sweet to savory flavors, from those of the local tradition to those of Italian classicism.

Breakfast takes place every morning from 8:00 to 10:00 in our common area, overlooking the pool and nature. prepare a buffet of sweet and savory foods and an à la carte menu for cold and hot drinks.

To guarantee our and your safety, we respect the regulations in force and encourage you to follow the rules to prevent the transmission of the virus.


More information

Da che ora posso fare colazione?

La colazione si svolge ogni mattina dalle 8:00 alle 10:00.

Is breakfast included in every booking?

Si, la colazione è compresa nel prezzo.

Posso consumare la mia colazione in camera?

Certo, puoi ritirare il tuo vassoio presso il nostro bar e portarlo in camera.